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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome!  I am Amber.O

Amber.O & Company is collections of my passions put into one so I can share and learn with you.

The health and wellness industry has been one of my passions since I was in high school. At one time I wanted to be a nurse but I also wanted to be a vet. Childhood dreams sometimes just don't come true but I find myself here with dreams, experience and education that allows me to offer you a learning experience to achieve a healthy lifestyle with mind, body and spirit.


I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, natural health consultant, interior designer, obsessed with organizing and rearranging, self-education administrator, host of a sexy aging plan podcast, self development coach, mommy, wife, website designer, blogger, writer and the chic with beer on tap. ​

Yes it is a mess of things but aren't we all?

I want to help you put it all together to feel better. Building a personal journey to happy, healthy and sexy. I believe in bringing it all to the table!Take a successful wellness journey that empowers your individual feelings of value. Body, mind and spirit come together for an enriched sense of self.

My Frame of Health

Work out today for tomorrow

Certified Master Fitness Trainer.

Online Wellness Programs

I have been in the wellness industry for over 20 years. My strong belief to work out today for tomorrow comes from many years of experience working with clients of many fitness levels and health goals.  Implementing change to feel better should be a transition that does not lose yourself in the process. 

My Training

Certified Personal Trainer - NFPT

Fitness Specialist - The school of Allied Health

Nutrition Specialist - The School of Allied Health

Certified Nutrition Consultant - Alive Academy

Cancer Recovery Specialist - NFPT

Exercise and Fibromyalgia - DSW Fitness

Core Conditioning Training - Human Kinetics

Strength Training and Weight loss - Human Kinetics

Movement Specialist - Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology

Interior Design - New York Institute of Art + Design

Yoga Therapy - Human Kinetics

Endurance Training Specialist - NFPT​


​Work Experience

Changes for Women Fitness - Fitness Coach

River Run Fitness -Personal Trainer, Fitness Class Instructor, Nutrition Coach

Presenter - Woman's Health and Wellness

Owner, Trainer- My Frame of Health--Personal Trainer,  Nutrition Consultant, Natural Health Consultant.

Premier Fitness - Sales, Nutrition Consultant

Carole's Recipe Box

Passing recipes from generation to generation

Recipe Swap


After my mom passed away in 2016, I found myself in possession of a crazy amount of hand written recipes. As I sort through them, I have challenged myself to make these recipes. Most have dates and who had passed them on, which is a fun history to possess. I have come to terms with the fact my mother was a recipe hoarder and now I happen to be one too. 

Love Your Space

Be comfortable with what surrounds you

Since my family and friends know me as a habitual reorganizer, in otherward when I clean the house I rearrange the furniture and everything else; I took an Interior design course and did really well but did not finish the last assignment, life happens but I still love to design, improve and reorganize. Recently I have started painting and quilling, just learning these crafts has made me be more focused and recognize I am far from talented. 

We also discuss books because they fill our space (shelves) and our minds. 

More stuff I do and love

Sex'n Fries


S'n'F Blog

Aging Gracefully as a Hot Mess! From Beauty, healthy relationships, aging and more crazy things that keep me sane.


The Road Side Pit Stop 

On the Bar Fly Podcast

We eat, we drink, we travel and we talk about it. With blog and podcast, join the fun

Soul Tokens

ST Blog

Mental health, self care and life. For years I found myself writing poems and short posts to help me cope with mental illiness. It has always been something I hang onto.


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