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Bare Focus


The Bare Focus Program is designed to motivate, inspire and educate you on losing weight as an individual. The Bare Focus support group and podcast brings you into an elevated understanding about your body and mind when focusing on achieving a healthy weight.
With fitness and nutrition training the program prepares you for your goals and provides you with the tools to achieve reasonable goals. 

​Side Effects: 
  • Healthy weight loss
  • A smile in the mirror
  • support from online group 
  • an understanding of your body 
  • mindful eating practices
  • enjoying food and using it a fuel
  • life long skills to deal with health issues
  • a real relationship with food and fitness that actual makes sense



There are two parts to the Bare Focus Program

1. The Bare Focus Group
As a member you will be able to:
  • participate in discussions.
  • use the topics within the group to explore concepts of nutrition/diet.
  • use recipes that help with nutritional needs
  • put fitness routines together for individual goals
  • receive inspiration and support
  • ask questions 
  • be in role to motivate others
2, The Bare Focus Podcast ( subscribe only)

As a subscriber you will be able to:
  • listen to episodes that explain the concepts of the program.
  • listen weekly to keep focused and on track
  • learn valuable tools to lose weight and gain fitness levels within your personal reach
  • have fun while learning about health and wellness
  • get inspired to make steps towards healthy weight management
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