10 Ways to Have a Better Relationship with Food to Feel Better

1. Carbohydrates are your brain's food; if your brain is well fed, you can think about how you will provide your muscles, bones, and all the other body systems. Thinking is an energy process and allows you to care better for your body with clarity.

2. Take absolute control of what goes in your body and have complete responsibility for what that food will provide your body, whether good or bad. Everything you put into your body has a result on your health

3. Although we live in a society with an abundance of food choices and more quantity than most, it does not mean that there is quality in all food. Step back and respect what you eat; appreciate it for the good it will provide the body.

Not all food is nutrient equal. Separate the food that will bring power to your body's cells from the food that provides your mind with "pleasures."