3 Life Changing Steps to Self Possession (self-confidence)

What is Self Possession? Control your behavior, self-command, willpower, self-will, possession, firmness of purpose... Self Confidence

I know I thought spirits possessed me too. I watch too many ghost shows. Have you been bombarded with self-help these days? Every email. Meme, post, commercial even, telling you to love yourself, be positive, be freaking happy! We are surrounded by judgment about being judged. We are the ones judging ourselves while judging others' feeling themselves. I think We live in circles of complicated friendly.

Step One: You Got This! Before you start with the sarcastic 'Thanks Amber, Really?' I am serious! Put it this way; you may have heard this inspirational phrase before; I have a sticker on my door that says it, but... What is the alternative to You got this? YUP, the opposite is that you don't got it. Take this step to tell yourself that you DO have this. You can handle it because you have to. The alternatives are worse than fear, anxiety, and loneliness. You lose yourself because you did not 'Got' (get) this.

When my mom became ill, I asked how I could live without her. She only said three words, "You Just Do."

The moral of that story. I DID, and I still DO The lessons of my past are now becoming just that, Lessons. I 'GOT' This because I own my past, present, and future. The way I react to situations and what I do with my time is all on me. *Learn from yourself (everything up until right this very moment is a well-prepared lesson plan) *Look inside of you first; you are smarter than you think *You have the key to every situation, not to change what surrounds you but to react to the situation that is best for this lesson that is playing out.

Step Two: