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The Mango Happiness Project Story #themango Episode: 14

Her wheelchair did not fit easily between the table and the kitchen island. I finished helping her get ready for the day. I had arrived earlier that day and was so excited to show her, The Mango, my car, my orange car. I couldn't believe the chick who hates attention and was a devoted introvert now drives a very orange vehicle.

(The paint is called Gomango.)

Her reaction was short. "It is certainly orange."

It was too late…

She would never ride in my brand-spankin' new car, which had 8 miles on it when bought that I had owned for all of a day.

For months of driving back and forth, the 5 hours total per week and sometimes more, I had owned a Jeep Cherokee. When she went from cane to wheelchair, that son of a bitchin' thing fit, just right, in the back. We would go for breakfast, and my gut and arms were full of bruises as wrestling that chair was not my forte.