Episode 4: Why does "Sex'n'Fries" Exist?

Sexnfries and a whole lot of whys.

Finding your authentic self and telling your story to connect, laugh, discover and heal. The blog was the first time I exposed myself and got confused about my authentic self. What the hell is finding yourself anyway? It is difficult for most of us to let it all hang out and let people judge us. It took me a long time to put my big girl panties on and tell my story and truths.

In 2009, I started a blog called "Sex'n'Fries ."I would find things about sex and food on the internet that would make you go, "WTF!"

It was trendy, but I got old...yes, I got bored of it all. But, since Sex'n'Fries was my pet, I could not toss it.

Here is the original 'About" that was posted on the blog way back when....

The Wild Side of Normal


Who? We are just like those people in the picture.

BUT...we are older, lumpier, have more stretch marks, and don't sit in tubs with our clothes on or friends. We have families, pets, lives...we have tears and laughter, and most of it makes us pee a little. We have bad hair days, and when we don't, we get ourselves out, so someone can see it.

We dance, sing, and with enough alcohol, we might even yodel. We have seen things, forgotten things, and wish for more things. We overeat, go on diets, lift weights...stop and repeat. (usually on Monday). Although we age every day without fail, we try to stay sexy through it all.

We get a dose of Sex and Fries

We all have a sexy side, a wild side, a comfort food- stuffing 'who gives a f'ck' moment or two. We have