How many times have you heard "Life got in the way" ?

How about "That is way out of my comfort zone!"?

When I was heading towards my fifties, I was stuck in an 'it is what it is, and it is how it is.

Let me explain...

I had somehow learned that my age defined me and what I was to do. It was not apparent to me, but looking back, I realized how I was stuck on a predefined path.

The day I left my mom's house after her funeral, the world seemed closed, claustrophobic, and heavy. My world was changing whether I wanted it to or not.

Holy hell, now what?

As I learned to be an orphan, I realized I was still learning. I realized I also had years and years of experience.

POW right on the side of a head-spinning moment.... I already had the tools and smarts, and now I needed to step from the comfort zone of 'letting things happen and expand to another step.

If I knew then what I know now, nothing would likely be different, and I am sure I would not want it to be. All the crap I have lived through is my portfolio; it is a valuable life lesson I continuously learned. I might have failed a few exams, but you also know from that.

I took to the streets and interviewed two amazing women for the podcast (streets: me in my pajamas yakking on the phone in my basement)