Getting to know fabric and the many uses in the home.

Our homes and closets consist of many types of fabric. Through centuries fabrics have been used for interior design, clothes, and so much more.

Fabric Glossary


This fabric is a plain-weave pattern of similar threads in both directions. When using extremely fine threads, you produce a smooth taffeta weave. When using thicker threads, you create a more textured basket weave.


This heavy fabric features a raised design interwoven using the Jacquard method. Typically, richly ornamented, and the raised pattern contrasts in colors and surface with the background.


This fabric is a coarse, cotton fabric in a plain weave often used for awnings, casual furniture upholstery, or slipcovers, and in just about any other application where coarse, heavy-duty material is appropriate.

Variations of canvas include duck cloth and sailcloth.


This fabric is gossamer light, sheer, plain-weave fabric that was originally silk, but today may also be wool or synthetic.


A general term for finely woven cotton cloth with a lustrous, shiny, bright surface, usually imprinted with a design. It became common once that " chintzy " denoted "cheap." That is not always the case, though. Chintz fabrics were used in some of the most luxurious European castles and manor houses and can be elegant and expensive.

Chintz is made from cotton fabric subjected to a chemical treatment called glazing. This treatment, designed to make the fabric more resistant to dirt, also gives it a characteristic crispness, stiffness, and shininess. Chintz is often imprinted with a design but may be solid-colored too. They are used widely in upholstery, draperies, pillow covers, and slipcovers.