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How watching TV can make you feel like a Sasquatch

Not that there is anything wrong with being a Sasquatch if you are one, but if you are woman trying her best to look her best everyday, all the information and products can be overwhelming.

Imagine this, it is a typical day, and you sit down to eat lunch and watch some TV, which means commercials.

Then you realize most of the ads are about women-

The Yeast Infection - seen on TV- here is the cure, one step, no mess, clear that yuk up.

The period - menstruation, the curse, that time of month - as seen on TV - many types of pads, tampons, light, heavy, day, night, long, thin, small, maximum, for little women, for large women.

Are you feeling great about it?

Dry Vagina - heat it with lube, girls. Make it a night where everything slides right in.

Itchy and irritated - there is an ointment for that, some cream that will remove the smell and that itch so you can stop picking at your ass.

Acne - There are endless medicated cleansers, creams, cover-ups, and more—no more zits for you.

Wrinkles- so much research, and there are so many creams- day, nighttime, any time. Use it every day. No need to worry, no need to have a wrinkle on your face or your ass with the amount of wonder creams available.